May 2012

Cerro Santa Lucia is a beautiful hill in the middle of Santiago, Chile.  This picture is taken on top of Fort Hidalgo, which was built in 1820 as a defensive point.


It was about 12:30pm on April 25th, the day I arrived in Valparaiso via bus from Mendoza. I was walking around the beautifully colored houses sitting on Cerro Carcel (Carcel Hill) on a beautiful, blue sky day. I was elated from my Adventures across Argentina and happy to be walking around alone to soak in […]


After two weeks in Argentina, I’ve hiked nine hours from day to night in Patagonia, hitchhiked six hours with a gas truck driver who spoke only Spanish, and spent a day touring and tasting wines via bicycle. These adventures have allowed me to understand just a taste of Argentina’s beauty and amazing culture. In this […]