It was about 12:30pm on April 25th, the day I arrived in Valparaiso via bus from Mendoza. I was walking around the beautifully colored houses sitting on Cerro Carcel (Carcel Hill) on a beautiful, blue sky day. I was elated from my Adventures across Argentina and happy to be walking around alone to soak in […]


Did you know that you get full bars on your cell phone on the top of the highest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro?  You could call your mother, “Hey ma… I’m 19k+ feet high on top of Africa”, then snap a pic on your iPhone and instantly post it to Facebook or Twitter.  Below, I’ll […]


When it comes to traveling, which will give you a better experience, CouchSurfing or Hostelling? How do you choose? Read on and find out. While in Tel Aviv, I received a message through CouchSurfing from a girl writing her thesis on CouchSurfing in Israel. She wanted to interview me and share my stories and experiences […]


As I walked up and met with my group for Birthright at Philadelphia International airport and checked in, I received a few puzzling looks. “Is that one pack really all you have!?” “Yes”, I replied with a smile. As others were checking bags up to 50 lbs for the 10 day trip, I printed my […]


If you have Jewish heritage (one parent) and are between the ages of 18 and 26, you can get a 10 day tour of Israel FOR FREE, including flights, accommodations, and all activities.  A trip like this would cost thousands of dollars not to mention the time and effort of planning.  Follow the simple steps […]