The final days of Birthright, I visited the Har Herzl Cemetery, the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, the old city of Jerusalem, the holy Western Wall, ate delicious treats at the Jerusalem marketplace, and said goodbye to my new friends. Overall, the Birthright experience was a ten day roller coaster ride featuring cities, nature reserves, deserts, […]


After the first days of Birthright, I learned about the independence of Israel, the death of Yitzak Rabin, watched the sun rise on Masada, floated on the Dead Sea, stayed in Bedouin tents, and experienced the amazing desert landscape. I started piecing together an understanding of the history of Israel and the culture of its […]


Reflecting on the first few days of Birthright, I’ve learned (or re-learned) how powerful group experiences are at enhancing life and facilitating quality relationships. The first four days, we walked around the ancient holy city of Tzfat, conducted a Shabbat service and dinner, had a philosophical discussion of the “chosen” stigma of Jews, hiked next […]