August 2011


by Dan Fey on August 22, 2011

After telling my friends and family about the adventure I plan to embark on, I get many different reactions ranging from “that’s awesome man, you gotta go do it” to “what are you crazy!? Why?”. I’d like to explore some of my reasons for embarking on this trip.  First, I’ve always wanted to “travel the […]


Planning timeline

by Dan Fey on August 7, 2011

I’ve been researching and learning about world travel for at least a month now.  I’m starting to get a handle on the different parts involved to make this happen.  I’ve been reading a few different resources just to see what the similarities and differences are and make sure I plan this right. I recently bought […]


Places to go

by Dan Fey on August 2, 2011

The next step in planning this journey is to put thoughts together on where I'd like to go and when. This can be difficult because some places are only good to visit during specific times of the year. It's impossible to be in all of the ideal place at the ideal times. The best and […]