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by Dan Fey on August 7, 2011

I’ve been researching and learning about world travel for at least a month now.  I’m starting to get a handle on the different parts involved to make this happen.  I’ve been reading a few different resources just to see what the similarities and differences are and make sure I plan this right.

I recently bought the book: The Rough Guide to First-Time Around the World.  It’s an excellent resource and provides some great information on planning a trip like this.  In the book, it has tasks that you should complete six months before departure, four months before departure, two months before departure, and two weeks before departure.  I’m glad because I wanted to put together a planning timeline to make sure I get what I need done.

What’s interesting is that I’m supposed to buy my flight out of the country in about a month, which will mark my first real monetary commitment to this trip.  It seems like it’s still a dream until I book the flight.  I’m excited as it will be the first step to making my trip a reality and many steps will follow shortly after.

Below is a note on my desktop with tentative dates:

Quck High Level Timeline
September 15th – Book flight with insurance
November 15h – Get medical checkup, check CDC, setup vaccines
November 23rd to November 29th – Thanksgiving
December 15th – Buy travel gear, get discount cards
December 22nd – leave and move home
January 13th – last day of work?
January 16th – first day at ski resort
March 30th – last day at ski resort
March 31st to April 14th – travel around US (LA?) and get to my departure point
April 15th to January 16th? April 16th? – Travel the world

Lets see how closely I stick to this

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