by Dan Fey on July 17, 2011

In order to plan for my journey, I have to learn about backpacking. Budget traveling by backpacking seems to be a skill and an art. If I want to travel for a whole year, I will need to master this art to stretch every dollar.

I've begun by reading about traveling and backpacking from people who have done it before. One good resource I found was It's an entertaining and informative web book that also has useful checklists.

Another resource I just found tonight was Though I haven't read too much, it seems to be a good resource about good places around the world to visit that are backpacking friendly. It also provides a nice view into the backpacker culture.

Planning for a trip like this is tricky, because there are some things you must plan in advance and some things you really shouldn't plan in advance. I'm hoping these resources will point me in the right direction.

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